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Have Tech Will Travel

Have Tech Will Travel

  • October 27, 2017
  • News
Are you a tech savvy person who always has to have the newest and coolest tech out there? Or are you someone who is just as happy using your flip phone instead of purchasing a smartphone. If you are the tech savvy type of person then this is piece is for you. As a technology nerd you probably can’t live without your tech by your side, correct? Whether that piece of tech heaven is in the form of a smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, tablet, music player, media player or something else, you need it and it needs you, well maybe it doesn’t need you as much as you need it. So, what happens to this inseparable bound when you have to travel somewhere? You take your tech with you of course. According to an article on Business Insider, when you have to travel whether locally or abroad there is no reason you can’t bring your tech along. The tech items that you should have with you at all times include: noise-cancelling headphones, e-reader, smart luggage, nomad key, portable charger, Bluetooth keyboard, travel router, laptops, smartphone, universal adapter, and standing case for tablets. That’s great news! You don’t have to leave your tech behind when you travel. The next trick is to ensure that you pack your tech up correctly so that you don’t hurt anything. You need to know how to pack your technology because how you pack your tech will determine the outcome of your tech. You certainly don’t want your tech to get damaged now do you?
How Do We Grade Smartphones?

How do we grade smartphones?

Before we can sell you a used mobile phone, it is being thoroughly examined by experts. We need to be sure that our shipment will meet your expectations. Satisfaction of our customers is of key importance to us. Our system of testing and grading all mobile phones ensures that you can be confident that the product will have an accurate description and a well defined price. All phones are checked in order to meet the following criteria: phone has to turn ON and OFF without…