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How Do We Grade Smartphones?

Before we can sell you a used mobile phone, it is being thoroughly examined by experts. We need to be sure that our shipment will meet your expectations. Satisfaction of our customers is of key importance to us. Our system of testing and grading all mobile phones ensures that you can be confident that the product will have an accurate description and a well defined price.

All phones are checked in order to meet the following criteria:

  • phone has to turn ON and OFF without any problems
  • the overall condition of the display is examined, we check if the display is clean, colours are ok and if there are any bad pixels
  • we check all the touch screen and buttons
  • we test the speaker and loudspeaker
  • the vibration of the phone must be OK
  • we check whether the camera is working
  • we perform a test call on each and every of our mobile phones by two experts
  • we also check the battery condition and charging
  • Batteries are checked for bumps and deformities

Grade A

These mobile phones are just like new, they have minimal, if any signs of use and are fully functional.
They often come with a foil on the screen.

Grade B

This grade is given to used mobile phones that carry signs of regular use. There is a possibility of the phone having numerous minor scratches on the screen. Phones with this grade have complete housing with all elements present. This is a fully functional phone, which can still be used. After housing replacement it looks just like a new one.

Grade C

Is given to used mobile phones with signs of heavy use. Some missing particles which do not influence the phone operations, are possible.

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